• Tanya Tomkins
  • February 1, 2013

First Blog Post: A Whale of a Concert

coolmusic_stacey_detailHey, my first blog post!

I went to hear the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble last night in the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley. I play in this ensemble half the time, but this time around it was Leighton Fong playing cello. I was honestly not looking forward to hearing another performance of The Voice of the Whale by George Crumb. I’ve always found it to be over theatrical, even though I love his solo cello piece.

This time, however, for whatever reason — because of the way they played it most likely, I was riveted from beginning to end. Left Coast always lists the duration of the pieces, so if it is a piece you aren’t enjoying, you can always think to yourself, “Oh, well- at least I only have 7 more minutes to go.” The Crumb was listed as a daunting 27 minutes. I was a little doubtful, but as the renowned psychiatrist from UCSF, Sam Barondes who was sitting at my table said, “I was worried, but it flew by like that! (snapped his fingers).” I felt the same way. When Leighton came in with the long awaited cello melody toward the end, it was so moving, I was almost in tears.

The Throckmorton Theater was a great place for it with really good lighting. They are repeating the concert at the San Francisco Conservatory Monday night. Check out the full program on the web site. The whole thing was really great, including the two young composers pieces who were in attendance and spoke well about their pieces. Congratulations, Left Coast!

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